bright light colors in men's clothing fashion

The color combinations of men’s clothing generally contain the ranges of three-color or four-color for selection. Blue is considered to be the one with highest rate of men’s clothing fashion, and dark blue is always the basic color for men, so it comes in the first place of the three primary colors of men’s clothing, the other two colors are mouse gray and dark brown, and green takes up in the fourth. So in our daily lives, we can see that basically every men has one to three sets of blue tones clothing, this is a normal phenomenon.

  • Blue — from dark blue — bright light blue

Blue arouses us to think of the blue sky, the ocean, and thus being regarded as the public color of suit sets with a fresh sense, which creates a intellective, bright, and fresh look with high popularity. Navy blue color in fashion clothing gives people the kind of reason, indifference impression which also highly influence men’s clothing fashion trends. Another feature of navy blue color is the profound sense of its color other than black, but at some point, but instead of black, dark blue uniforms did. The preferred color gives a strong feeling, so it often elects to office uniforms as justified.

blue-tones for men's hot fashion clothing(1) as the center of blue color combinations

Like bright, refreshing shades of people wearing blue tones clothing, can be used with the Black-and-white, beige, or ornaments made of yellow-orange, red-orange and monochrome lines as a contrasting color to match these the ratio of the color is not able to play the role of stressed and dotting.

Blue color on fashion for men's clothing(2) blue contrasting color combinations

Wearing with contrasting color combinations, often in contrasting colors mixed pattern stripe or yarn into a certain Blue, another echoes coordination. Bottoms dark gray blue and soil clothing light blue shirt of the same color formed by a combination echoed up and down a vertical harmonic effect. Blue vest with Blue Striped shirt, only with pink combination is one of the most vibrant and full of sense of jumping, fashionable color combinations.

  • Gray — from black — white

As monochrome black and white, as well as from black to white can produce many kinds of gray, black – gray – white, that is, we usually refer to no color line in the men’s dress color system can not be ignored, especially on behalf of mouse gray, with side by side with the Navy in terms of office uniforms, black and white has been basically identified as formal dress color, whether as evening dress funeral service, or wedding dress , looks so calm and stable, although monotonous, but there is a strong sense of presence, it is the color of any lightness combined features are very prominent. From pure black to pure white and no color line of clothing portfolio is only lightness changes, if you do not have certain color as an accent color, it will produce sharp, too especially heavy feeling. These tone color combinations, matching what color it? Best not to choose turbid color, color choices should not be too limited to less than three color best. Gray and brown combination into a little blue outfit on it, this blue can be used in the bag, tie, etc.